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It hurts to be this good

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What a time to be alive

(Source: Washington Post, via blunts-westend)

Anonymous said: If you can't remembee what happend with yous, clearly she ment nothing to you in the first place ha

Or maybe it was just a while ago?

Anonymous said: Where do you stay now

In Queensland.

Anonymous said: I envy your courage. I always wanted to do what you've done, move away and start fresh, but I'm too weak. Goodluck

The hardest thing is being away from my mother. Other than that, it was either stay in Sydney and end up killing myself or move away and start over fresh. I really had no choice. If I was to go back to Sydney now I’d be homeless.

Anonymous said: How's Brisbane treating you?

Yeah it’s good. It’s so tiny compared to Sydney though, which makes it more confusing than simpler. I’m just focused on getting a job and getting fit again more than the people.