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It hurts to be this good

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My girlfriend bought me an original signed photo of Henry Rollins and a new black flag shirt. I could not be happier :)

quantum-fucks asked: Oh my god it's so nice to see a post from you, Daniel and I were just chatting the other night about how we haven't seen much from you lately and we were both wondering how you've been doing and what you've been up to! Good to know you're still hanging around :)

Hey gorgeous!
Yeah I’m still around, my phone got disconnected a couple months ago and I’ve only just paid it off.
I haven’t been doing much though, just working and all that boring adult stuff that I hate. But I’ll be online a lot more often now.

I just got a call from the owner of Furr (this amazing alternative hair salon in Newtown) and was offered an interview on Wednesday 😍
I’m so excited and nervous I’ve wanted to work there since I was 13 and this is my opportunity.